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Party Policies

 Outside Drinks Policy

Outside drinks are not allowed. In an effort to make Kiddie Park as safe as possible, we don’t allow outside drinks of any kind to be brought into Kiddie Park. This way we can be certain that no alcohol is in our park. The only exception to this rule is for Private Parties because you are renting out the entire park, and those who book the Cabana or V.I.P. Packages. (We do offer bulk drink options for parties. Those can be found here.)

Party Deposit Refund and Rain-Out Policy

  • Parties cancelled prior to the 48 hour deadline will recieve a refund of deposit.
  • Parties cancelled after the 48 hour deadline, but before beginning, can have their deposit used toward another party date, or converted to park credit.
  • Parties underway that are more than 1/2 complete cannot be refunded. (If possible we will extend your party time for brief showers.)
  • Parties underway that are less than 1/2 complete will be refunded 50% of their party balance without the deposit, which can be used for another party date or converted park credit.


Pizza and KP Meals Ordering Policy

Pizza Orders and KP Meal Orders must be received a minimum of 2 days prior to your party. To order either of these for your party, you pay half your order total in advance and the other half the day of the party. If you cancel your order before Papa John’s puts the pizza in the oven or before the meals are made, you get a full refund. If you cancel after the pizza has been placed in the oven or the food has been prepared, the pizza/KP meal balance is nonrefundable and nontransferable.


Groupon/Coupon Policy

Groupon vouchers and coupons of any kind are not able to be used in conjunction with party packages.