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Party FAQ

What you CAN bring into Kiddie Park for your party:

    • Pinatas are allowed. We will provide the rope and a place to hang the pinata. You need to bring the pinata and the stick.


    • Pre-made food is allowed. We don’t allow cooking or grilling in the park and we don’t have any electrical outlets available for heating up anything if you have the Original Party Package. If you have the Cabana or V.I.P. Package, you will have access to electrical outlets and you are allowed to bring in crock-pots. If you plan to use these outlets, please be sure to bring an extension cord. Pizza is a great option for your party. Ask us about our special group pizza option.


    • Extra folding tables and chairs are allowed. You can bring these extras as long as you don’t overflow into another party area. Please keep in mind that the kids do not spend much time at the tables, so you won’t need as many extra tables and chairs as you think.


    • Cakes, snacks, and decorations are all allowed. The only decoration not allowed is confetti.


    • Characters, clowns, and face painters are all allowed.  You can have any special guest that falls under these categories come to your party, but we will not be able to police other kids in the park from coming up to that special guest


What you CAN’T bring into Kiddie Park for your party:

    • Outside drinks are not allowed. In an effort to make Kiddie Park as safe as possible, we don’t allow outside drinks of any kind to be brought into Kiddie Park.  This way we can be certain that no alcohol is in our park.  The only exception to this rule is for private parties because you are renting out the entire park, and those who book the Cabana or V.I.P. Packages. (We do offer bulk drink options for purchase. You can view pricing for those here.)


    • No generators or BBQ pits can be brought into Kiddie Park at any time.


    • There is NO SMOKING in Kiddie Park.


    • In an effort to keep Kiddie Park clean, party confetti is not permitted.


Other frequently asked questions about our parties:

    • How many tables do I get for my party?
      A typical party reservation for 12 kids gets you 3 tables.  Larger parties with closer to 20 kids gets you 4 or more tables.  All of this is dependent on how many other parties we have booked during the duration of your party.


    • How can I extend the length of my party?
      The Original Party Package can be extended for an hour for a flat fee of $50 per hour.  The Cabana Party Package can be extended for an hour for a flat fee of $100 per hour. Please let us know in advance so we can plan to have your table reserved for more hours.


    • What if someone wants to ride rides after the 2-3 hour reservation is up?
      If your party riding time is over and someone still wants to ride then they will have to purchase ride tickets from the ticket booth to continue riding.


    • Can I get to the park early to set up my tables?
      If there is nobody using your tables before your party starts, then you can absolutely come 15-20 minutes early to set up your table.  If we have back to back parties, we will help you set your table up after we clean off the tables from the previous party so your party can start on time.


    • When do I need to pay my deposit?
      As soon as possible to guarantee your reservation.  You can either come by the park and pay your deposit or you can call in your credit card to us.  If we have a busy weekend booked, we will give the prime time table reservations to the parties that have paid their deposit over parties that haven’t, so make sure and pay ahead of time.


    • What if it rains?
      Parties cancelled prior to the 48 hour deadline will recieve a refund of deposit.
      Parties cancelled after the 48 hour deadline, but before beginning, can have their deposit used toward another party date, or converted to park credit.
      Parties underway that are more than 1/2 complete cannot be refunded.  (If possible we will extend your party time for brief showers.)
      Parties underway that are less than 1/2 complete will be refunded 50% their party balance without the deposit, which can be used for another party date or converted park credit.


    • How do I check in for my party when I arrive?
      When you arrive for your party there will be someone at the front gate to greet you.  They will have the party seating chart and will show you to your table.  After you have put down your stuff, please proceed to the red cart to pay the remaining balance on your party for the minimum of 12 kids. You will then receive your 12 “KP Party Kid” wristbands for you to hand out.


    • What if I have more than 12 kids?
      If you need more wristbands, just go back to where you checked in and we will mark you down for additional bands.  If you get additional bands, we will remind you to pay that additional balance before you leave the park.


    • Can I start a tab at the Snack Bar?
      Yes, if you want your guests to be able to purchase drinks or additional food and snacks you can ask the staff member in the Snack Bar to start a tab for you. This will need to be paid before you leave as well.


    • What are the weight and height requirements?
      Kiddie Park has no weight or height requirements.  We only have an age requirement of 1 – 12 years old.


    • Do you have any group drink discounts for parties?
      We offer 2 liter sodas (Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, and Sprite) for parties for $5.00 each.  We also offer a 2.5 gallon of lemonade or iced tea for $10.00. Both come with cups and ice.  Just ask your party host about these options and he/she will be happy to serve you. You can also get drinks off of the party add-on menu. We offer Capri Suns, bottled waters and Gatorades in bunches of 15 for $15.


    • Can I reserve a specific section of tables?
      We try our best to accommodate requests for particular sections, but we cannot 100% guarantee it. There are times where things happen that are out of our control that cause the party map for the day to need to change.



Party Deposit Refund Policy & Facts

To reserve a party you must make a deposit by credit card over the phone or bring cash/credit to the park. If you book your party online, you can pay your deposit online with a credit card as well.
Party deposit is fully refundable if cancelled 48 hours in advance.
If cancelled within 48 hours, you can reschedule or get a refund in ride tickets for the full value.


You can find more of our party policies here